Thursday, August 14, 2014

when we were young and happy and PUBLISHED!

I got paid to write a thing!

Adapted from this blog post, xoJane kindly published "Unpopular Opinion: Living Abroad Shouldn't be a Mandatory Life Experience".

I learned 2 major things from this experience:

  • Hyperbole does not translate well online
  • Americans seem to think moving abroad is something rich people do, funded by their parents when my life experience has shown quite the opposite -we move away because we're broke and we can a) make more money or b) live on less (or both) if we go away. 
Anyway, it was good fun and I appreciated many of the comments. Looking forward to carving out some time soon to write something else now that I've gotten the rush of writing something that came with a paycheque. 

(Although I think I'm to like $4 in my AdWords account. Thanks 3 people who clicked on stuff on this blog!)

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