Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My $350 mistake

So, I have just discovered my offline go to blogging platform, Blogsy, shut down. Anyone have any other recommendations for iPad apps to update Blogger? The desktop publisher is impossible to deal with on my iPad and now the formatting is all messed up (as you can see here).

Introducing Sister Bernadette!

The last two months leading up to our trip were mad for both me and the Irishman. I found a new job and was training there while also doing my old job, training a new colleague, and interviewing for my replacement. We also found out with a month's notice that we needed to move. Add my husband's end of year school activities as a teacher, plus social groups and sports teams, and it made for a crazy time. 

All this to say, our road trip planning ended up taking a back burner to events, work, and apartment hunting. We waited too long to book the accommodation we had scoped out in the winter months, losing out on several cheap Airbnbs. And, my $350 mistake, I didn't research the car insurance situation in time. 
On the road
When renting a car, a lot of credit cards include rental car insurance. Unfortunately, my three credit cards do not include such insurance and I waited until June 28, five days before our car pick up, to discover this. 

We quickly went to the bank to change one of my credit cards to a qualifying Visa, crossing our fingers that we would be able to receive the new card in the mail before we picked up the cards. Keep in mind there is a pending postal strike and Canadian mail is notoriously slow. 

To be safe, I rebooked our car rental for the day we would leave Ottawa for Montreal, rather than two days before, and booked Priceline's insurance which can be cancelled up until you actually pick up your car. At $11 a day, it is much better than National's $25-ish per day plan that seems similar to non-insurance experts (ie me). 

On Tuesday, July 5, Mom and I checked the mail at 11:45 am, 15 min before our car rental was scheduled. No luck. 

We took the dog with us to the postal box and decided to carry on around the neighbourhood and give him a proper walk. Just past the halfway point, a Canada Post truck drove by. With only minutes to spare before the noon deadline, I ran full speed the few blocks back to check the box.

No dice. And I discovered, despite getting over 15,000 steps a day on average over this trip, I have definitely lost cardio capacity. 

A lame start to a trip that has been years in the making. Thankfully, there is plenty of beautiful scenery, yummy food and drinks, and a handsome copilot to distract me. 
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